Monday, May 01, 2006

1 May

It may be 1st May but its rainy and wet today... Posted by Picasa


Allison said...

Awesome shot! Do you carry a camera around with you at all times? Sorry if I've missed it before, but what type of camera do you use?

Suby said...

Nope, not feeling this shot, Grass too overblown (seems like flash used, may be wrong). Shot would be 10 times better with only one bird in it. Seems seems flat, no dynamic range here. I would clone out the black bird, crop a little bit of the foreground, and space from left of image, play around with each colour in curves, sharpen maybe only the bird (50% will do), oh also lower or increase the saturation(whichever one looks nice) of the grass) and presto. Or take the lazy way out and just make it a monochrome shot.


micki said...

Yep, Tony. Usually we're at summertime temps by now, but the furnace is still coming on at night. Spring sure is taking her sweet time kicking into high gear this year.

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