Thursday, May 18, 2006

18 May

Update: here are some details for all those kind enough to ask,
this is the Giant Water Lily at Kew. check the link and see the baby sat on the pad!
But even more, a friend in the pub was telling me its exceptionally strong leaves inspired Sir Joseph Paxton to construct an huge conservatory at Chatsworth House, in which the lily flowered for the first time in Britain. So I checked and he is dead right!


Allison said...

Oh, wow! Are those lilly pads? Most beautiful...

micki said...

Yes, I would love to know more about those as well.

jane said...

Lovely perspective here Tony.

Anonymous said...

Great shots Tony!! I have just returned to the US from a 3 year relocation stint in London (kensington), I was fortunate to discover Kew on a lonely, rainy, gray, Sunday afternoon early in my stay. Needless to say I wasn't lonely anymore & I have a million pics to boot!! Cheers mate.
Go Sunderland!!

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