Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2 May

This could put a spanner in the works (second attempt to publish - blogger is fighting back this morning) Posted by Picasa


micki said...

Oh boy! Good thing you have Word Verification on.

Tony said...

We were all at my wifes parents over the weekend, and my father-in-law sorted out some tools for our son... this was amoung the spanners :o)

Timmybomb said...

Is that a wrench in your pocket...

Hey Tony, I had a busy weekend so I hadn't been to your corner of the blogosphere in a few days. Good work mate. I like the green man playing the drum, and yesterdays birds were a good capture too.


Timmybomb said...

PS. Have you clicked on the handicap symbol beside your word verification? That's a wierd sound bite.


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