Sunday, May 14, 2006

14 May

Off Spring Morris Posted by Picasa


micki said...

Very amusing! I'd love to hear about the fringe on their knees!

Tony said...

ahhh that be the bells... the bit that doesn't come across in the blog is the sound sadly.. as there is music and song that goes with each dance, as well as the sound of the bells and banging of sticks and boots on cobbles... but from what I understand much of the history of Morris dancing goes back to Pagan times, and certainly the dances and times when the dances are performed link to the seasons and fertility of the land etc... our gods are old, wise and often misunderstood... well its an English thing I'm told ;o)... the Celts and Native Inuit’s have thier song and vocal history, for the English its Morris, I guess ;o)

Jasp said...

Morris men in Richmond ? never ! ... hope the real ale is hand pumped in the undoubtably nearby pub !

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