Sunday, April 30, 2006

30 April

Here are two of our Green Men on the eve of the big Beltane feast

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and they do seem to live and breath


micki said...

What festive smiles!! They look ready to go.

Sandy said...

I love the one on the bottom. I love the background too. Is this the siding on your home?

Tony said...

these are two of the green men or leaf men that we have found around, they are good and easy gods.. well charms any way... and yes pebble dash is the finish render on our gaff... :o)

Sandy said...

I love the finish render on your gaff. You realize I have no idea what you are talking about:)

Tony said...

i know i tease... ;o)
we have a pebble dash finish on the walls of our terraced house here in Richmond

Sandy said...

You see this on old house in Vancouver. They don't do it anymore and I think it is a shame.

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