Saturday, March 28, 2009

28 March

Many thanks to Laurie who was kind enough to write to me and give me some history on these great dinners...

It's interesting but I know that several old diners have actually been purchased, one from a town nearby, and shipped overseas. I cannot find the story, it was a number of years ago, perhaps 14. This diner I know was one of those "rail car" art deco style diners. It was a landmark in Westfield NJ and was sold and moved England "I think" but cannot remember for certain.

Ahhh! I found an article about it, and update about it. It was called the "Excellent Diner" and it was moved to Germany, first to Aalen, then to Wasserlassen, not England as I originally thought, and now resides, in of all places, Disneyland Paris. Here is a link to a PDF article from 2006 about it.

Diners are a main stay in the states. They are especially popular in NJ......


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