Friday, March 13, 2009

13 March

The other day we went to the new Westfield Centre in Shepherds Bush... it is a rather nice new building with some stunning shapes, forms and colours that I would have liked to have shared with you, but after taking a few exterior shots, as we entered the place, I was stopped by security and asked to not to take pictures less I was press or taking 'family photos'... the security man was nice and polite, but I was left feeling rather intimidated and somewhat miffed...

Of late there has been an unpleasant change in the attitude to folk taking innocent photos whilst out and about... I understand the need for security in this age... sadly it has been this way all my adult life... in London we have always lived with some sort of unpleasant threat... however all I want to do is take a few photos of our world, our lives and some of the beauty it has... but that is deemed to be wrong these days... the last 150+ years of photography comes to a stop if we can not take photos whilst out and about, of the life and world around us... our photographic ancestors will now be turning in their collective graves at the infringement upon our liberties... this is sad times our world now lives in and those that wish harm on it take one more step to their goal... But try to take back where you can, and capture the world we share, its beauty and joy...



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Sheila said...

It's too bad when it comes to this. I have had the same thing happen and it made me feel 'guilty' !
What ticks me off is the people who take photos with their phones, and no one seems to notice.
When we do it openly we are reprimanded, don't they think if we were up to no good, we would be a little sneakier..?
We have a lovely place in Toronto, great for unusual architecture, history and shopping, but because it is used for film shoots, and those people pay big money, we are not allowd to use a camera, unless we pay for the privilege.

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