Wednesday, February 11, 2009

11 February

We went looking for the location of yesterdays pic, we got close, with the Star and Garter at the back the Petersham Hotel, in the middle, and the The Rose of York pub at the bottom... the lodge has long gone...

update.. the buildings at the bottom of the pic yesterday may have been Almshouses (scroll to base of page) demolished in 1953.. Margie is quite the internet sleuth. Though I'm not convinced these are the same buildings, the Star and Garter looks all wrong and the chimney pots are wrong on the lower building... However the description may be right, but the wrong pic on Richmond Local History's part.

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kipperonabike said...

that is the 'new' star and garter building that replaced the earlier's vacant at present and soon to be turned into luxury apartments. I believe the building in 10th Feb photo IS Devonshire Lodge....I have absolutely no evidence though. I have the privilege of walking along this stretch of river to work and back each day. Any more info would be most welcome at

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