Monday, August 25, 2008

25 August


Margaret said...

Oh my! Is that a noose? j/k

Laurie said...

It does look like a noose and in this country a scene like this would probably make the evening news as being a racist symbol, and possible bias crime, like burning a cross or painting a shwa sticka (sp), even if it weren't in any way meant to be racist. In fact last year around Halloween people who included nooses as part of Halloween decor and displays were often accused of putting racist symbols in their themes and were pressured and even forced to remove them.

We are very reactive here about anything and everything. It gets so we walk on eggshells over everything and have to worry that anything we say or do could be taken the wrong way and be interpreted as offensive, or bigoted.

This does have a very foreboding drama to it.

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