Wednesday, March 19, 2008

19 March - Extra

Arthur C Clarke - 1917 - 2008

Arthur Clarke was one of the first authors that I read, as a young boy, he showed me a world beyond the suburbia that I was growing up in. I have fond memories of A Fall of Moon Dust, Earthlight and Rendezvous with Rama. But he is better known for 2001. It has always been for me that his stories were grounded in real science. He, after all, is the one who suggested satellites for communications during the second world war.

He was our modern day seer who has helped change the world we all live in today.


Snowbabies said...

A sad loss, I loved watching his Mysterious World series years ago.


Sheila said...

I haven't read anything by him, but was always enthralled by his TV programs. A sad loss.

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