Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1 January 2008

Happy Nude Year to you all... (full pic on request... not) ;o)

I know it's cheeky but .. 2008 will be great for us all..

wishes to you all

ohhh and
Pinch punch 1st of the month


Margaret said...

Hehehehe. Now that's the way to go. Happy New (whoops) Nude year to both of y'all also. Take care Tony.

Laurie said...

Lol! You guys are cute! Funny post. Happy Nude Year to you too.

talj said...

Oh Tony! It's so good to see 2 such happy smiley faces...we don't need to see anything more ;o)

Happy New year to you both, I hope 2008 is a happy and healthy one for you and yours...maybe this year we'll get to see you both in London!


Sheila said...

You wouldn't be doing that if you lived here...you'd freeze 'em off..!
All the best for 2008..!

Anonymous said...

Happy Nude Year to both of you.. all the best for 2008.. Dave & Caroline

BatFreak said...

So, what I want to know is who was taking the picture :)



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