Friday, June 15, 2007

15 June

I don't often do this, (I'm more natural the other side of the cam) but I feel the need for a holiday, Lynne caught me the other day, shirtless and over-weight and still working even though it was a weekend, but the more I looked at this and saw a worn and tired man, fraught with life in London and working, the more a holiday feels just right and long over due! Its been a long haul since the jury service finished and I returned to the office life....

its more important to spend time with a loved one, rather than worrying about work..


talj said...

Well, what a day to start the day! I hope you put your shirt on for 'business' meetings!

And you are right, spending precious moments with a loved one if FAR more important than work!

Have a great weekend :o)

Sheila said...

Soon you can take your well earned vacation and get some R & R..!
Wot's in the glass...?

Margaret said...

Actually, you look like you're chillin' out.

I hope you do get a vacation soon - everyone deserves these.

Laurie said...

So never get a second chance! This is the only one we've got. Take a break, slow down, enjoy life! All the best!

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