Tuesday, February 13, 2007

13 February


Libbys Blog said...

St Pauls?

Jasp said...

I reckon it is .... many many years ago I visited St Paul's on a trip to the big city..went round the lower dome walkway but was too scared to go up to the top dome....it looked such a long way up...well I was only little at the time.

Sheila said...

Lovely. Don't you wish walls could talk. What a tale this building could tell..!

talj said...

Hi Tony, thank you for popping by my blog!! I am so pleased you did,I have no made my way to yours and can get my London fix! I moved oop north last May and miss London so much. Many happy memories from there! I will be popping back eachday to get my fix now!! :o)

Take care,


talj said...

Also just realised you live in Richmond! I lived in Teddington for a few years and loved it! Being into your pubs have you ever had a pint in the Railway Hotel in Teddington (right by the station!)? :o)


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