Sunday, October 08, 2006

8 October

A Cranberry harvest at Kew Posted by Picasa


micki said...

Love the red shapes!! You got yourself a pretty blue sky in this shot, too. Great colors!!

Margaret said...

Oooh! I grew up in a "cedar lake" small town that used to be cranberry bogs back in the 1800's.

A Developer purchased it back in the 1950's and turned it into little cottage vacation homes surrounded by seven lakes with sandy beaches, clubhouses and made it a country club setting.

That prestige notion lasted about 15 years until I moved in at the young age of 5 back in 1972. It became low income housing so to say.

It is a ghetto now, my parents and sisters both live in this small development of 480 falling apart homes. When I go to visit - I still love to get lost. Plenty of woodlands and lakes, dams, etc. I enjoy discovering and rediscovering the past of this childhood place.

Finding wild cranberries and blueberries in season. A field of Tulips in the spring where a home once stood. Still returning to the dam where I used to dive off of and once lost my swimming pants. (Trying to get home naked was a chore! Especially when my curfew was when the streetlights came on. I had to wait until dark.)

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